19 1 / 2012

I get paid 9 dollars an hour to sit at a desk and pretend that I am Lord of the Computer Lab. I mean, don’t get me wrong—it’s a necessary job. Someone has to sit in the lab and make sure people don’t trash anything, and tell them how to print/log on, but since this generation pretty much has a handle on everything technological, I mostly sit at the big fancy desk at the front of the room and look like I have more authority than I actually do. The most I authority I hold is to tell someone not to bring their food or drinks in here.

BUT STILL! I’m at a big wooden desk presiding over the people who’ve come to study their lives away (or shit around on facebook), and it makes me feel important. Color me crazy, but I get way too much satisfaction from sitting in a nondescript computer lab at an average desk pretending I am the lab-goer’s warrior queen, there to wage war against people who threaten the lab (which is literally no-one) and guide my citizens through the intricacies of navigating the print option in MS Word.

But sometimes I just get on facebook, tumblr, or youtube. actually, most of the time. Sometimes I even read the news online, but only if it has to do with beyonce.

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